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Welcome to guided gardening.

UrbMat is a small-space garden system that helps urban dwellers grow their own herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

UrbMat controls weeds, saves water, maximizes small spaces, and removes the guesswork from the the growing process.  

At only 3' × 2' feet, the design creates an optimized planting layout for the included GrowUps seedballs. GrowUps are a mix of chili powder, compost, worm castings, clay, and non-GMO seeds.


UrbMats are made in the USA and last up to 3+ years. Easily order new GrowUps for each season!

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UrbMat Guided Garden

UrbMat is the easiest way to start a garden.

Grow 13 lbs of fresh, GMO-free produce per season with UrbMat. UrbMat gardens save water, prevent weeds and introduce you to a whole new way to grow herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Setting up UrbMat is easy - all you need is soil and sun. Just lay it down on the soil, plug UrbMat into the hose and start growing.


Arugula, Basil, Carrots, Cilantro, Chard, Lettuce, Marigold, Parsley, Kale, Radish, Spinach

Brussels Sprouts, Catnip, and Tomatoes  

Each kit comes with 30 GMO-free GrowUps that require no digging. GrowUps are guaranteed to grow by UrbnEarth.

SIZE: 3' x 2'


UrbMat gardens are reusable for 3+ years. You can grow again by refilling your GrowUps here.


Your purchase of UrbMat allows us to donate two meals to kids suffering from hunger in the U.S.  Meals are donated in partnership with 2 Degrees Food and Feeding America. 

Note: Planter box and soil not included.

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