The Need

Forty-percent of America’s healthy food supply goes to waste somewhere between the farm and the landfill, and 93% of grocery shoppers admit they buy food that they don’t eat - thus letting it go to waste. In a country so concerned about recycling, wellness, and what we eat, it’s surprising that we let these mass amounts of delicious, healthy food pass us by. Not to mention how many people go hungry with so much food left untouched.

Your purchase of Our Guided Gardens helps us fund the initial costs to set a healthy homegrown standard for generations to come.


UrbnEarth Guided Gardens

Using our patent pending guided gardening kits, UrbnEarth has created a low-cost, out-of-the-box vegetable garden, that by removing the guesswork from the gardening process, makes growing fresh produce accessible for anyone with soil and sun. UrbnEarth is focused on changing our American mind-set when it comes to food.