UrbnEarth Releases Its UrbMat - Urban Guided Garden Kits

January 6th, 2014 – San Francisco, Calif. – UrbnEarth, an out-of-the-box garden company designed to help urban dwellers live more naturally, is beginning the journey of providing inner city areas, schools, and communities with small-space gardening tools and skills. Phil, the company's founder, saw a huge demand for homegrown food in urban areas that was not being met.


During a recent crowd-funding campaign where Phil raised $107,000 for another homegrown product aimed at larger-space gardening, he came to realize that consumers were most interested in mats for smaller spaces, such as apartment patios and fire escapes. He also realized that the mat system could be designed to cater to urban dwellers even more so by focusing on indoor products including mats and apartment-based growing systems. “The focus is not only to create mats now, but to innovate the indoor and outdoor natural urban living space,” says Phil. “The massive rural to urban migration over the past few generations does not mean that we need to stop eating healthy, local foods.”

According to Phil, “Urban areas are often aptly seen as food deserts, when there’s no reason to be so. Right now, some cities don’t even have fresh food markets. Fresh food markets and gardens don’t just provide healthy food; they also help build community by bringing neighborhoods together with a common interest.”  

In addition to its consumer based e-commerce site, UrbnEarth will work with retailers in communities all over the world to start spreading the unified social movement to empower consumers to grow in urban areas. The UrbMat is the first in a line of natural living products that will be released by UrbnEarth.

UrbnEarth will be working with Two Degrees Food and Feeding America to donate meals to children in need for every UrbMat Garden System sold. Additionally, UrbnEarth will maintain their partnership with EcoScraps, an organic compost company, to install mats in urban neighborhoods and in schools.  

For more information and a peek at the new products, please visit www.urbnearth.com.

About UrbnEarth:

UrbnEarth is an out-of-the-box urban garden company that designs and makes solutions to help urban dwellers live more naturally in the city and build community in their neighborhoods. Founded by in 2013, UrbnEarth’s first product, the UrbMat Garden System, is sold online at www.urbnearth.com. For more information, email info@urbnearth.com or visit www.urbnearth.com.  

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