Just a few words this Thanksgiving



Just a few words 

My great aunt once told me, gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow. A memorable phrase someone told her I'm sure. I'd like to reflect on a couple of inspirational words and promises I will keep the next year.  

Percy Bysshe Shelley said, "By all that is sacred in our hopes for the human race, I conjure those who love happiness and truth to give a fair trial to the vegetable system." As you scoop your mashed potatoes today and slurp kibbles and bits and gravy bits, remember that fresh food is the backbone of our healthcare system. But some folks in our communities lack access to healthy food and other basic needs. 

We're all about to get swept up in the Black Friday craze followed by Cyber Monday. So I ask that as you shop, instead of looking for the best deal, look for the most impact. Support companies like Soma Water, BioLite, Back To The Roots, TogetherFarm or pledge your next birthday to charity:water so others can gain access to the basic of fresh agua needs. 

I'm pledging this holiday season to make a conscious effort to do business with companies whose mission is to inspire, educate and support their local communities. I'm also making a promise to fulfill obligations to those who have supported my personal mission to cultivate the next generation of growers. You know who you are. 

I truly believe that gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow. So show others you believe in tomorrow this holiday season. 

With love,