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Our Mission

UrbnEarth aims to inspire and cultivate the next generation of urban growers by designing guided gardening products that make growing food easy, sustainable, and educational. Our goal is to make vegetable and herb gardening possible in even the smallest of spaces.

We believe that fresh, local food is critical to a healthy lifestyle but know that many urban communities lack access to these goods. So, we at UrbnEarth are focused on providing easy solutions for city dwellers to grow their own food regardless of space and experience. Our products empower people everywhere to enjoy and share the health benefits of local food.

Our UrbMat Guided Garden provides new gardeners with the tools and resources to be able to grow food in small spaces. The UrbMat simplifies gardening by controlling weeds, saving water, and maximizing small spaces. We are also dedicated to providing the customer support and resources to make growing food easy and accessible to everyone. With UrbnEarth, you’ll never grow alone.

UrbnEarth isn’t just a company. We’re a community of like-minded people who feel strongly that growing our own food is an answer to many of society’s health-related problems. The UrbMat is meant to mobilize people to take control of the current food system and become powerful producers rather than dependent consumers.

UrbnEarth's Beginnings

In 2008, UrbnEarth founder Phil Weiner lost his father to diabetes. This moment spurred a personal journey of pursuing healthy, homegrown food with a startup that introduced a compact gardening system in January 2013. Growing up in Washington D.C., Phil knew that many urban areas did not have access to fresh food that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. He sought to create a product that would make healthy food available to all communities.


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